Gday, i need to get some new tuners for my g400, keeps going out of tune.

In regards to the gear ratio, a higher ratio (IE 1:18) would be better and make for finer adjustments than a low gear ratio (IE 1:12) Yeah?
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i also would like to know this question .. also what tuners are good .. are locking tuners worth it ? .. are there any tuners that are black chrome? i thought the grovers that come on g-400 were suppose 2 be good
take it easy man .. its just a thread
Holly ****! Your right i just had a look, the g400 does have grovers!!! THey are so crap though, no where near as good as the grovers on my ibanez!! Maybe it is the nut that is causing it to go out of tune, i might replace the nut first and c if that helps
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no its not the nut i had the same problem, threw some sprezel locking tuners on, and it stays in tune for months

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i dont think its the nut .. maybe u should try tighting the screw so the turning heads dont spin so lightly
take it easy man .. its just a thread
Yes, higher ratio = better. Schaller makes I believe 16:1, Grover makes 14:1 and 18:1 as well as 16:1 so around that range. Steinberger makes gearless tuners that are 40:1.
The nut could be a little problem. The nut is supposed to keep the strings lubricated at that spot so that the strings can glide over back to tune when tension is applied to the string. Highly doubt it though.