So I found a good Job, but I'm 1 year too young. It pays well, and I really need this job to keep my Car. I was thinking about going ahead and saying I was old enough, but I wanted to know what kind of trouble (if any) I could get into...
well if they have your social youre screwed, hopefully theyll just fire you. if not, how are they gonna find out?
If you're a minor, they would get in trouble, not you

you would only face being fired
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lie. you might aswell nothing is going to happen to you,and as long as people aren't going to get hurt cause you're a year to young and therefore incapable, to it. and plus, id you're ever going to get fired, threaten to report them because they employed a minor.
What job is it?

I'm also searching for a summer career. I need money for my car, too.

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I believe the worst that would happen would be you would be fired as soon as they found out, but dont quote me on that.
Go ahead and apply, they aren't allowed to demand your social insurance until you are hired(at least thats how it is in Canada) and if you get hired I don't think they will notice/care if you are one year too young unless its a job with safety hazards and they could get in trouble if you get hurt either way the worst that can happen is you get fired.
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no Jack, your wang is not big enough for you to be a porn star.


how do you plan on getting away with it though? i would think it would be simple to look up...

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Idk, just say im old enough?

Most places will ask for some form of ID, granted that they're professional business (which I'm assuming it is). If it's more of an under-the-table style employment with a private individual, you might be able to get away with it.
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no Jack, your wang is not big enough for you to be a porn star.


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