Alright I like the stock pickups for distortion, alright for cleans. The main reason they lack is the neck pickup is almost unusable, no sustain, and real muddy. The middle pickup is good for like reggae. And the bridge is really good for everything, so I know its not just the amp/effects thats the problem.

Whats the best HSH set for good distortion/cleans (neither have to be amazing, but good cleans are important). Think like RHCP, Sublime, and rock in general. And how much would the installation cost to get someone to do it for me?
yeah i did that and the pup isnt too bad. its clean enough but only for lead stuff terrible for rhythm playing
I did something similar with my S470 - I adjusted the height of the polepieces. Gives a similar result, but it allows you to fine-tune how the pickups sound, like nulling more of the bass strings.

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