Philips DC199B Compact Shelf Stereo System (for iPod) - $85 shipped

I've had this for a few months, but I think I've only ever used it a few times. It sounds GREAT and charges my iPod well, but I never listen to my iPod at home. So I guess I really don't need it. It's in like new condition and comes with the box. Unfortunately, when moving recently, I seemed to have misplaced the dock adapters and the paperwork. The dock adapters aren't necessary; in fact, I couldn't find a dock adapter from those that came with the system to fit my Touch. However, I believe that iPod's come with dock adapters, and I believe I recall the one that came with my Classic fitting the stereo's dock. Though, both my Touch and my Classic fit just fine without the dock adapters However, if you REALLY want a dock adapter and you lost the one that came with your iPod, you can purchase them from Apple and elsewhere for a few bucks. Here's what I'm talking about (the ones in the link are for Nano's, but they obviously make them for all models):


Paypal preferred.

I can get pictures if anyone wants them.

Here's a description from Best Buy:

Jam to your favorite beats from your Apple® iPod® or MP3 player through this compact shelf stereo system's powerful 4" woofers. The built-in subwoofer and Dynamic Bass Boost function deliver rich, expressive lows that make your music rock.

Product Features:

* Compact shelf stereo system includes 2 speakers with 4" neodymium woofer cones and 1 active subwoofer

* Built-in iPod dock synchronizes with and charges iPod, iPod mini, iPod nano, iPod with color display and iPod video; also compatible with other portable audio players via USB direct port and 3.5mm line-in jack

* 30W RMS power (7.5W x 2 speakers; 15W subwoofer)

* Digital FM tuner with 20 presets

* Dynamic Bass Boost function delivers rich, punchy lows for a lush soundscape

* LCD display with white backlight for easy viewing of functions and settings

* Buzzer alarm and radio alarm with 24-hour alarm reset and repeat alarm functions; digital clock and sleep timer

* Includes multifunction remote and power cord


Here's some more info including reviews at Amazon:

IF this product is still available, please send me pics. I am interested in it. Also, are there any issues with the product?

Ebay link, get rid of it or it will be closed!
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Quote by Gwynnell
Ebay link, get rid of it or it will be closed!

LOL! Someone's a forum nazi. The link wasn't for this item that I'm selling. It was linking to an item that could be used with this stereo as reference for the buyer.


Besides, this thing was sold long ago.