This was originally supposed to be basic melodic metalcore/hardcore song and the first guitar was gonna change to distortion when the other guitar/bass/drums came in but I decided to do something different and keep it clean for the rest of the song.

The pop-punk influence comes mostly from Cute Is What We Aim For (duh) and Amber Pacific.

Edit: I changed a couple of things based on Matt's revision so let me know if the new one or the old one is better.
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Nice song, the clean guitar is really great. I'd suggest changing the dist. guitar to overdrive, and then put all the powerchords up an octave, it's pretty poppy, why go half as make it a pop rock song.

It's just a little altered.
I like it, I tought the main riff was going to be too repetitive, but i didn't find it so. The chorus was great too. I didnt find anything wrong with it. good job!

mind critting mine? (new one in sig). Thanks