There wasn't already a Kamelot thread? that's crazy.
The Fourth Legacy and Epica/The Black Halo are my favorites, Ghost Opera was a little bit of a letdown, and everything before Roy Khan joined is either really terrible or comedic genious depending on how you look at it, case in point, when the vocals come in on Warbird. It gets me everytime.
I had no clue they were from tampa.

Great band.
wtf... ghost opera is there most insane albums yet! i have listened to it more than a couple times to know that as well as being kick ass, its also alot experimental and works too.
The transition from Soltiaire into Rule the World on the Ghost Opera album is amazing. They truly are an amazing band. I'm going to see them in Wolverhampton in March next year! I can't wait!
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Pretty good band, I like Roy Khan's voice a lot.

He makes me want to study opera
Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil You Revviiiiive.....
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Im sorry, I just don't see how you could argue that hardcore isn't metal. That just seems arrogant to me.

Yes, its its own kind of metal, but its still metal.