Hey y'all,

So, after a lot of effort we are pretty darn near to finishing our record and I guess its time to show what our band is really made of. Thus we decided to put out a preview of the first part of our album's theme song Seeds of Destruction. Check it out at our myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/20milligrams

This song is the first song in our conceptual album which will tell the story of the little man against the corporate giants from first contact to extermination. The first part is midway between heavy and mild and will serve as the introduction to theme of the album, detailing how the little man is exploited by corporations. The second part is a full on nine minute metal assault detailing how the little man is sent to war because of the interests of big business and finally, the last part is a sad ballad telling the story of the little man's demise as he is crushed by corporatism.

This mix still has no vocals as our male singer is sick and has not yet finished his parts, so instead of putting out something that is half baked, we decided to put out something complete for some feedback. And before you ask, yes we have two singers, a male and a female singer and no, they don't play any instrument. So it makes our band a five man band.

Enjoy but give us some feedback,
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