i was thinking of changing pickups in my fender strat. i cant decide between these two pickups " fender samarium cobalt noiseless pickups" or "fender lace sensors (blue/silver/red)". i play rock, blues,metal. i want something thats good for clean and hi-gain stuff.
What position? Single / humbucker?

I have a Dimarzio HS3 in my strat, you should consider that,

We originally created the HS-3™ to be a warmer bridge-position companion to the HS-2™. Yngwie Malmsteen adopted it for his standard neck and bridge pickup, and almost overnight the HS-3™ acquired the reputation of being a high-powered metal pickup. This isn’t really the case—the HS-3™ is actually a smooth and relatively quiet pickup that produces a sweet overdrive tone without jagged edges. What Yngwie discovered is that these qualities combine perfectly with a heavily distorted amp, because the sound won’t get muddy or messy. The HS-3™ is also versatile—it’s a noise-free pickup in a live situation or in the studio.
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