does a reverse neck actually do anything for tone or is it just for show or something?
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basically just for looks........
that's it and that's all
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It's not a reverse neck, usually the headstock is upside down compared to the original design. 100% for cosmetic reasons, for example I think the pointy Jackson headstocks look pretty cool upside down (they look sweet normally too).
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Def agree with remonster jackson headstocks look amazing both way... and far as my knowledge concerns this it doesnt do jack
Yep, just for looks. I was told reverse headstocks were better for down tuning because there was more tension or something. But thats not true
I think they look realy awkward when your turning the pegs
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I think they look realy awkward when your turning the pegs

at first, didnt take me long at all to work it out though
i thought the reverse headstocks gave reverse tension to the strings. so instead of the thinnest string feeling tighter it feels looser while keeping the same notes. or at least thats what i heard.

ive also wondered if that same thing transfer over when you lock the nut on a FR. but apparently it doesnt actually do anything?