Ok, so I'm just starting to learn about recording stuff, I know a moderate amount I suppose, but I'm sure there is stacks more to learn about. So what I'd like to do is post a song up here that I recorded about a week ago and get your criticisms on it, and some tips and tricks that I can use to get a better sound.

This is my basic setup, and it's really basic. I run my guitar into a Zoom G1X pedal, then from the pedal to the line in on my computer which is using the onboard Realtek AC97 sound card, and then using REAPER to record from the line in. For the drums I used a drum machine from a friend and ran the drum machine straight into the line in and recorded that into REAPER, and I ran the bass straight into the line in and recorded that as well. So basically I'm looking for constructive criticism as to what I did wrong and what I could do better and some tips and tricks for how to get a better sound. Don't just tell me to get better equipment, as I already know I need some better equipment and when I get some money I'm gonna get some. The computer I used is crap anyway, so that doesn't help. However some reccomendations of gear to get will be appreciated.

So anyway, enough chatter, have a listen to the song here. You can download the song if you want so you don't have to listen to it online.
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