Hi everyone. I figured I'd post up some pics of a paint issue I'm having with my strat build. I scuffed up the old black finish really well with 320 grit and filled a big gouge and sanded the wood filler down nice and smooth, primed it with duplicolor sandable primer, wet sanded with 2000 grit and sprayed the dark metallic blue duplicolor on top and this is whatit looks like. This always happens when I paint stuff and I was wandering what thehell I'm doing wrong lol. I got a Mighty mite birdseye neck, All new chrome hardware(bridge, pickup screws etc..) and new Fender tuners. Heres before and after pics.

/\Before taking her apart/\

/\The gouge in the wood/\

/\How she looks now/\
Does anyone know what causes this? Btw it looks better in the pic than in person.
Any help is appreciated.
did you do multiple coats? fender usually does about 7 or 8, gibson's faded series have about 2 or 3, sometimes 4
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you sprayed to close and thick sand try again if you want to other than that idk
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Yea I put 3 coats of color and one coat of primer. I also wetsanded between coats. I guess Ill redo it tomorrow. I just hate sanding lol. Thanx for the replies.
I think I sanded through my single coat of primer. I'll resand it down and reprime it a couple times to make sure I dont do it again. Also am I using too fine of a grit for between coats? maybe I should drop it down to like 600 or something. any ideas?
I've been working on it all week and here is what she lloks like now. I still got the blush in the paint, but I used 600 grit paper to wet sand it out and it seems to have worked. I still have a few more coats to put on and then the clear. Looks alot better now!

After sanding the blue off.

first coat of primer

After two coats of primer sealer

Blue sprayed twice and wet sanded.

All in all, I think it should look pretty good for my first guitar build. If it comes out right, Imight try to build a Jackson kelly clone with a quitlted maple top.\m/
Ok, I got it all back together and now she makes a horrible noise when I plug her in. Its a screaching type sound and no matter what position the switch is in, it doesnt change. I know I rewired it back the way it was because I took a picture of it before I took it apart. Should I just buy another loaded pickguard or can this be fixed? It worked fine before I took it apart so I'm stumped. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance.
Yeah I thought that too, so I re soldered my ground, and swiched the leads on the output jack and it didnt change. when I took it apart, all i did was cut the ground, and the two leads for the output. Thanks for the reply, I'll check out that link and see if I can fix it. I was up till 4:30 a.m. messing with it lol.
Sometimes its best to leave things alone and come back later with a clear head when you have a problem like this. Then you look at it and go duh that was simple.
/\ Lol, Now that I'm awake I see that the hot lead for the output was disconnected from the volume pot. It works now! Thanks for the help everyone.
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