sup guys, I'm looking for an ESP LTD Alexi 600 preferably white, I don't really care if it is the older model (with EMG) or the newer model (with the Seymour Duncan), of course I would like it to be in a nice condition, and I would like to see photos of the guitar. I really can't and won't spend more than $800.00 USD (including shipping), because I need to pay rent, buy food, and other "necessary" stuff. I will take care of shipping. so if you or anyone is selling one in a good condition. e-mail me at


I'm located in the US in California.

Quote by Droogie4Life
wow, you just missed one on here, I think it went for 450 bucks

Yup, I bought it.

damn... lol thats ok I'm not in a huge hurry...

damn you thefrigginbob....lol jk.

well let me know if anyone is selling please.