Where can i get a switch for my ibanez ts-9. The little switch inside got busted some how and only works at a certain angle. I'd much appreciate it if you could show me a direct link to the product.

Also are there any retail stores that may carry it also like radioshac or something?
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Do you know where i can get a PCB for it to fit on? i think i might need an extra one.

edit: i guess i know where to get now but theres so much stuff on that site. anyone have the product number?
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if you remove the switch from the case there should be some sort of part number.
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i googled both the numbers on the PCB part and nothing is showing up. do they even sell it on small bear?
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Its not mounted on a PCB sometimes you can take em apart and clean em. But small bear should sell one of those switches. Might have to email em their parts descriptions arent the best sometimes.
ah cool i figured out how to open it. tough little bastard. cleaned it out and it started working. still a bit hard to turn on and off. sometimes it does and sometimes it doesnt. but its been fine so far.
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