I'm relatively new to bass and having trouble using the ring finger to pluck, especially when moving between strings. Got any exercises to help me get some coordination? Other than say...chromatics?

Just keep practicing, it'll come naturally with time.
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Most bass players don't use the ring finger to pluck they use the index and middle. Your not going to be any faster using a third finger to pluck as index-middle-index-middle is just like picking alternate strokes (up-down-up-down) with a guitar pick. The only time the ring finger might come in handy is picking out chords.
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you might want to see ur hand posistion in general tilt ur wrist a little bit to the right and then try so your playing slightly angled instead of straight down i used to play straight down but then i started doing this and instantly for me atleast using the middle and ring finger became easier
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I'd suggest you don't worry about learning three finger technique for the time being. I think it's a red herring in terms of trying to increase speed. It's more likely that the left hand technique is slowing you down at this stage.
Well I should have added that i've been playing guitar for a couple years now, so my fretboard fingering is pretty decent..
Ok first off, this has NOTHING to do with fretting. TS will agree, that finger picking with a bass is completely differnt than guitar playing.

Second, just PRACTISE.
'Nuff said.
When i fist learnt Master of Puppets, before a could slap it, i learned it normal finger style.
Now if you get the tab from primus's version of it, and see... Just keep playing that tune, its good practise for what you described.

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type with your left hand only.
that's what got it for me.
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The only real way you're going to get better is practicing using the ring finger. There is no quick fix for it, I'm afraid. The spider exercise is great for this. But start slow, as the only way your ring finger will improve is not through speed itself, but accuracy, which speed is a byproduct of.

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Ok first off, this has NOTHING to do with fretting.

Fretting has EVERYTHING to do with it. Well, the relationship between fretting and plucking anyway.
Just practice for hours a day of that technique... Its gonna take lots of time and hard work but eventually you'll get the 3 finger technique down without thinking about it. I still haven't and i've been working on it for a while now .
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