Back in the summer of 2000, i got this wild idea in my head to swim from mainland Biloxi to Deer Island. its almost a mile from the beach to the western point on the island. I told 3 of my friends about my idea, and they decided to come with me. so we packed light, with only backpacks full of supplies, machetes, a few gallons of water each, and a inflatable skiing tube to carry the meshwalled tent on. we loaded it all into a toyota celica, made the drive, and hit the beach a little after sunrise. we suited up, tied the tube to our backpacks, and started swimming at 8AM. it took us 45 minutes for the four of us to tow the tube across the channel, and then we all layed there on the island for another hour to catch our breath and warm up.

Heres a picture of me in 2000, back when i had dreadlocks.

We spent 3 full days on the island, eating stingrays and catfish, and scaring other campers by running through the woods with machetes. One night the casinos had a fireworks show, which exposed our nude beach running and native bonfire shenanigans. all in all, it was a great time. One night, a HUGE wild boar walked through our camp, right between my hammock and the tent. it woke me up with its rustling, and then bumped the tent a few times. My buddy Ben thought it was me messing with him, so he bumped back. that boar took off so fast, i didnt even see which direction it went in.

We kept up the tradition by going every year until Katrina hit. my friends were concerned about underwater debris, and the amount of trash that was washed up on the island, so we stopped going. A buddy of mine visited the island last year for an LSU environmental project on the coastal islands, and he told me that most of the unnatural debris (crab traps, milk jugs, plastics, fish nets, etc.) had been cleaned up, and that mainly wood was left on the interior dunes. so i started planning for another trip.

This year we are taking two jetskis to carry the supplies, but i will still be making the swim just to make it official. the rest of the crew will ride the jetskis to the campsite under the Live Oaks (if they are still there), and we will spend the weekend lounging in hammocks, cooking BBQ, and pretending to fish.
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Did you swim a mile with nothing except your body? I would probably drown I can't swim for a mile without getting tired.
There is/was a kayaking company based in Gulfport that provides sea kayaks and guides that will escort you to Ship Island which is, of course not too far from Deer Island. I'm not sure if they are still around though. I moved to Missouri after Katrina. You might also enjoy some canoe trips in the many scenic rivers and creeks in the area. Heres a link to one: http://www.wolfrivercanoes.com/default.htm That does look like a fun trip you had there. Careful of the coons and gators...