Just installed it a few days ago. Here's a tip. DON'T download it. It seems to cause more problems than it fixes. My taskbar keeps disappearing randomly and reloading, messing up my tab order. Just now the "start" text on the start button disappeared. Also, typing is a bitch. Half the time the keys i press don't even work. It took me about 5 minutes to type this. Anyone else experiencing problems?

EDIT: the BIGGEST problem is if i visit the wrong website, itll shut down my browser and i have to uninstall, make a new user account, and install again (im using opera, also a clean install wont work, i have to make a new user account)
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What are the specs of your PC, and did it come with XP on it in the first place?
Thats been happening to me. I could only get onto UG by getting rid of the taskbar and I keep getting pop-ups and everything is really slow. But I'm using my laptop atm so I can go and get my PC serviced.
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My computer takes 2 hours to turn on, if it decides too that is, which isn't often. Also its slow and unresponsive now, and things quit on me all the time.
Works perfectly fine for me. Consider yourself lucky you don't run Vista, I certainly don't.

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