Yeah well i put one into my phone which is a Nokia 3110c piece o ****...
narr its an alrite phone
when it asked me to format, i did, it asked to delete all data on memory card, i did
and it still doesnt format
any help?
have you tried using a separate card reader then put in on computer and format disk?

or put it in printer and delete everythang?
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lol. i been doing this all night. with my boost platnium mobile.

when i put the sd card in the phone, then plugged the phone into the computer, two things came up in my computer(after making them visable). one was the phone memory, the other was the micro card.

when i tried to go in, it asked if i wanted to format, i just said yes and it did it itself, im pretty impatiant so i ticked the (quick format) box.

then i just dragged eveything on.