I did a search before but didn't find anything so sorry if this is a common question.

Today i was playing soul to squeeze on my yamaha rbx170, and my dad was watching and listening. After i finished he said i was a tuned a little bit sharp (I don't have very good hearing and couldn't tell for the most part). So i busted out the tuner and all the open strings were tuned, so i figured maybe the intonation wasn't very good and surprise surprise from the 5th fret onwards on all four strings it's about 10 and sometimes up to 15 cents sharp.

Now back when i knew something about guitars, i intonated my squier perfectly. So i busted out my screw driver and began to fiddle a bit thinking this wouldn't be too difficult. But i just could not get it right. I could get the notes to flatten slightly, but before too long the saddle was extended as far as it could go and the 12th fret was still 5-10 cents sharp. Now i'm fairly clueless as to what to do (though i'm tempted to leave it since i cant hear the difference with my terrible hearing anyway ). Will lowering the action help maybe?

Did i do it wrong, or am i expecting too much from this very low end bass?

Any halp would be greatly appreciated

And if you don't know what the bridge is like on a yamaha rbx170, here is a picture of one (not mine).

Thanks man. Have a laugh on me. I was turning it the wrong way (though i remember turning it both ways and it didn't do much). OF COURSE IF I SHORTENED THE STRING LENGTH THE PITCH WOULD RISE. D'oh.

Cheers. I'll have another go today.