Head over to my profile and listen to "powersong"
It's a DEMO
The synth melody is a vocal melody to be replaced with singing.
I wrote the song for my band who are still looking for a drummer so I made this all myself.
~ J6hn
Although song is good the recording quality is pretty bad (but not to bad) . I think the first riff is actually quite decent although around about the two minute mark it goes slightly downhill but returns about 30 seconds later.

It could use a tiny bit more synth in the background and the drum track could be more interesting.

Invest in a decent mic or something and this song would be a 7.5 out of 10. other than the recording quality the song is pretty good.

Someone crit mine?

To be honest i find it not much of a powermetalsong, it's not bad but if i have to
choose i say the last song is very powermetal, the others are also nice done..

another thing is i kept listening to your music, it has something special, maybe it have to
do with the genre, the melodic guitars are also good.

good work!!!