I have a Vox AC30 and I am planning to change guitar cause mine seems to just suck on it (it's a Yamaha SG 700S w/humbuckers). I play bluesy-rock, and I am still looking for what sound to get, either going for a fatty gibson sound or a brighter fender.

However, in your opinion what's the best guitar to be plugged into an AC30? single coil or humbuckers? fender or gibson? What's the guitar which is best rendered by an AC30? I basically plan to spend up to $2.5k for my next guitar.


strat, or brian may red special replica.both are amazing with an ac30
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I would say a Fender Strat or a Tele. Don't use a metal guitar like a Jackson, cause it would look strange.
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There's really not a best guitar for an amp, but I think the iconic AC30 sound comes from combining it with a Tele. Gotta love that Clash sound.
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