Does anyone know what happened to this band (Death metal/Tech death band from California)?

They used to have an album available on like Amazon etc, but now their Wikipedia page has gone, their official site has gone, their MySpace has changed and is never updated (with hardly and song plays) and their record label is no more.

I though it was strange since the production of their stuff was top notch, and they were obviously really talented players.

There's still some videos floating around on YouTube if anyone wants to hear them.

Video 1
Video 2

Does anyone know what's going on?
Well, two of their members are/were in Crematorium.

According to metal archives they are currently active and looking for a label. A possibility could be that all their previous web pages were setup or run by their record label, and after they left it, the label pulled the pages and stopped production of the album.

Those vid songs are pretty good. Reminds me of Dying Fetus.
They pulled down the Wikipedia page? If it was set up by the label it probably violated Wikipedia's rules about neutrality.
Ah, I see. According to Metal Archives there's an Epicedium from Germany aswell, and I think I might have been getting some of their material mixed up. Either way, both bands sounds killer.