check it out, im open to all constructive criticism and suggestions. tell me what u think. i worked on this song for about a week and ive just been touching it up and whatnot, so give it a listen. thanks
newsong gp4.zip
newsong midi.zip
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wow that's great man!

I really like it =D do you have a band?

4.5/5, I think the drum kit should be Drum Kit 0 instead of 16 but that might just be me :P

I especially love the bridge and solo, nice dude =D
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the opening riff is great , but i rekon it could have been much better by making it hit harder if you know what i mean , making it heavier and changing the lead to overdriven, but the riff its self is so good. the vocal melody is exellent. i also love the riff at bar 26. not the biggest fan of the tubular bells. bridge was good but really similar to all the othe rriffs. solo and outro out of it was perfect. it really was an amazing song, it was put together very well.
well.......what can I say to this? both extremely inspiring and extremely well put together.

the only things wrong with this song were "technical" problems such as the stuff already stated about making it heavier and stuff. but that's GP's fault not yours.

one thing, since I want to give you some advice , is that I thought the solo could have done so much more for the song. what you have is great, but it just needs a little more oomph to throw the song over the edge.

but amazing song! and could you crit one of the top songs in my sig if you have time?
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It's an overall good song man..but I think the main riff (i mean the intro and verse riffs) is so similar to the song of Bullet For My Valentine - Forever and Always ... The vocal melody is really cool man..The drums are great..The solo is short, simple,yet, perfectly matches the
song.. great work...For outro, I admire you for what you did with Solo guitar..cool man...
Not really my type of music...but I can appreciate non the less.

-The lead guitar was nice an varied, which I would expect from hardcore and it went nicely with the chugging power chords.
-Drums were spot on man, nice double bass action.
-Vocals were great too.

Song is very well structured, some of the best stuff Ive heard on here. As was stated before, the solo could have been better there's such potential there for a screeching solo but then again maybe that's not your style.

Anyways check out my song let me know what you think ya?