'Neath a great brisbane based Aussie prog metal band. To me they sound like a simpler opeth, with dare I say - more focus on songwriting and feel. *opeth fans kill me*. Actually the whole sound reminds me of opeth with a bit of devin townsend solo stuff but with some of their own flavour in there obviously.


anyway heres some crap from their myspace for reference.

"Initially drawn together through a combination of adolescent naivety and musical curiosity, 'neath have evolved from sheer neighbourhood-clearing clamour into a modern progressive death metal band who are continually evolving towards a sound of their own.

Inspired predominantly by European death & doom metal, 'neath are constantly searching for ways to distinguish their sound within the metal genre, striving to forge a recognisable style incorporating their collective obsession with all things musical and brutally heavy.

From beginnings tracing back to 2001, a solid rehearsal routine since 2003 has seen 'neath formulate their sound in the studio rather than on the stage. 2007 saw the release of the debut album, The Spiders Sleep, which continues to catch the attention of fans and critics across Australia and throughout cyberspace.

With a sophomore album already nearing completion, 'neath aim to continue appeasing their own musical ambitions through a constant exploration of the metal genre, giving it all they have creatively for themselves and those who care to listen.

"...they skilfully work the contrast between crushing heaviness and moody atmosphere, switching between furious death vocals and brilliant clean, ambient passages without sounding disjointed or awkward."

- Ozprog.com

"The album's five tracks sprawl across 37 minutes of savage but melodic riffing, darkly moody sections dripping with sinister reverb, crushing guitars, thundering drums and shades of atmospheric keyboards.

The songs have a natural flow that sounds like they grew out of long, extended jams and don't rely on jaw-dropping technicality or overtly virtuoso playing like so many other bands in the progressive field. This gives The Spiders Sleep a warmth of character and a sense of immediacy that does the band immense credit..."

- Goreripper"
*kills you*
but this isn't bad though, the music reminds me of riverside
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*kills you*
but this isn't bad though, the music reminds me of riverside

YES, riverside are a good comparison, but I couldn't find the words. They have that textured dreamy feel about them.
These guys sound cool.

I found links to The Spiders Sleep on Inglor Metal Hell and on Brutalzone. If anyone's interested.
Not wrong with the "simpler Opeth" comment.
Serious Opeth worship going on here.
New album comes out sometime next week (It's already out technically, but the album launch is next week.) Not bad music, just nothing special really.