Does anybody know if this shop has guitars which arent shown on the website?
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Well, you do get the internet prices kind of, if you go in, ask about it and then ask for a deal, I know this because I have done it, they will probably sell you what you want at the net price, but they will ask you to pay the packaging which in most cases is £10.

If you want to use the interest free credit deal they do you have to pay the full price. But remember if you buy of the net and its faulty you have to courier it back, they wont accept it in the store. That was what tipped the balance to pay a little extra to get it in store.
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yeah, i suppose so. it would probably be easier to get hold of what you want by going to the shop, or down the phone. they have secondhand stuff on their site, i bet they'll have more.
The shops down in Brighton, I believe they stock pretty much everything they have on the website in store but I expect the online stuff is held up in a warehouse or something as they often have a few of each guitar in stock.

Just go down the shop, allows you to try everything out and also you get to find something you may really like down there that you wouldn't have considered on the website.

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