Right guys, i made up this sort of cool bass line, and started working on it, kinda has a late-iron maiden feel to it, and i really dont know where to take it

any suggestions?
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well u might wanna post it or give the general public a better idea how it goes :|
Could you attach it in GP4 also please, and perhaps MIDI for those who don't have Guitar Pro.
That is brilliant so far, I'm loving the harmonising guitars and the bassline is awesome. Next, you could go for a bridge, or perhaps just take the verse a bit further.

You could perhaps have the drums hitting the snare on the bass G string notes to give it added impact. Similar to 'Brave New World' when the drums are introduced at 1:28.

Let me know how you're doing with it, because it has tonnes of potential.
I really like the way you've started it. What I'm hearing in my head is kind of a slow menacing guitar part where the verse starts. Maybe have guitar one doing low power chords that follow the Key bass notes. So like the first bar would be A, A#, C and the second would be C, A#, G and so forth. Maybe then have the second guitar harmonizing those chords on your high strings.

It'd be cool to do that same idea, later in the song but kind of doing a fast chug thing at the same time.