So i bought this hamer slammer from a guy for twenty bucks. It had one of those boring sunbursty paint jobs where it fades out to black on the sides. Well anyways i decided to repaint it. i also recut the head. Well i messed up on one of my pickguard paintings and stupid me puts the whole thing in paint stripper not thinner. i dont even know if i was supposed to use paint thinner but i have no idea what i was thinking. well turns out that paint stripper pretty much melts plastic.

so i set out for a new pickguard. well those easy to find fender ones dont fit the slammer body. and its not close enough to even try. where can i get a pickguard for this guitar. i contacted the maker but aparently its so old they dont even use the site anymore.

i've tried making it myself but the plastic i bought just cracked everytime i tried to cut it. also how do i make sure the pickups line up with the neck and everything?

i guess a custom plastic merchant/carpenter type guy could probobly make one for you, or a luthier
It's not bad and the headstock reminds of RR. Goodjob!

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yeah i love the head stock. randy was actually my inspiration for it (just the headstock) i love that polkadot V
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