just wondering about the digitech rp350 multi effect pedal , is it really worth the money for it , i mean it does have a seemingly endless amount of effects on it , and youre able to hook it up to your pc for recording if you wish , but it looks pretty cheaply made and im just not sure , how does it compare to other single pedals?
it's good for recording. and if your going to use it with your amp, you're going to want to plug it in through your fx loop (modelers sound better when they're not going through your preamp)

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I have the RP250, its pretty similar. Works well on a lot of stuff, as most people say (and I'd agree) you have to hook it up and tweak the pre-sets to get any kind of decent range of sounds out of it. Hooking it up to record on your computer is pretty solid, it also lets you plug headphones in to it (good if you don't have that option on your amp), and I liked the built in tuner.

As for the cheaply made - I had a bit of a horror story on mine, the software asked me to update the firmware and something went wrong so the thing is fried, and the customer support from Digitech has been just horrible. I'm basically stuck with a very expensive metal box right now that doesn't do anything. They will fix it but its at my expense, even though the firmware update is what effed it up.

Anyways... not saying it will happen to you but I'm personally on a boycott, I hate dealing with companies that don't take responsibility for their own screw ups.
I have it and its sounds amazing, it sure beats the other MFX units within and above his price range. Not GT - 8/10 above his price range but still. It has a lot of combinations so you can get some great tones out of it. And the drum machine and the USB connection are awesome. You can use the drums for you know like raw demos of riffs or whole songs. I use the USB for all my recordings and it sounds amazing.
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man thats messed up , ya i can live without that , what kind of company wont back their own product..garbage
im ok with spending some money if im getting a great quality product and if it sounds great , i just have a crappy little SS crate amp right now , i wanna buy a tube amp so bad but im scared ****less to get it shipped over here so i may wait until i get back to the states to buy anything but id still like to do some research in the mean time
i have the rp100a. its an old model and its the series right before the computer hook up thing. as a multieffect pedal i think its awesome. but i was talking to a guy with the rp250 and he said that the computer thing just causes frustrations.
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I have a 250 and have been very satisfied. not cheaply made at all, it's cast metal.

I'm running Vista if that matters to anyone. I always thought Digitech's Cust Serv was pretty good, but have not needed them in a long time. Personally, i don't think the benefits of the 350 are worth extra money.