Pretty different from other stuff I've posted here, but thought I'd give it a shot.

I don't understand
Why you are so understanding.
This is not just a matter of love and lust,
More like life and death.
He may be what makes you breathe,
But he can also make you stop.
His arms around you may make you feel safe,
But not so much if they're around your neck.

I used to think that you were the one for me,
But the fact that you still think that he is
Helps me to realize that you aren't.
I will hold you by the hand
While you are hanging on the ledge,
But he will only throw you off,
And maybe I should learn by his example.
what is it? lyrics? spoken poetry? Doesn't really scan or have any particular meter to it whatsoever. reads more like prose, and it's somewhat cliched, with very little subtlety to it.
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