looking at these on the fender website, on the colour options it offers every guitar with either rosewood or maple fretboard?
does this offer any difference audibly?
or its it just visual.
I don't know why but find it easier to play on a rosewood..
but actually there is no difference.
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Maple will be one-piece (the neck itself and the fretboard are the same piece of wood), has ever-so-slightly more sustain in theory (I've never noticed a sustain increase myself though), the maple board gets a thin clear finish on it, and the tone is slightly brighter.

Rosewood is a piece of rosewood on top of a maple neck, in theory it has less sustain (never noticed it myself though), the rosewood board gets buffed but doesn't actually have any finish on it, and the tone is a bit 'warmer', with more mid response.

Do note though that these sound differences are tiny compared to the differences you get between body woods or pickups, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Generally, rosewood is seen as being a bit easier to play on and more well-rounded, maple is more if you want that specifically brighter and clearer tone.
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I don't know why but find it easier to play on a rosewood..
but actually there is no difference.

there is a difference.
maple necks offer a brighter tone, as theyre a lighter wood, though theyre harder than rosewood.

It makes sense considering typically you'll get rosewood on les pauls etc. whereas you'll get maple on telecasters.

yeah, mr flibble basically covered it like.
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maple would be brighter than rosewood. rosewood is a warm tonewood.
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I first had a rosewood fretboard on my strat but when i replaced the neck with an ebony fretboard the difference was huge... though i must say I think that you condensate with amp settings
another difference would be the way they are cleaned.

Rosewood - you use lemon oil spray for fretboards and it kinda soaks in and can be nice and slippery. can't see the dirt well.

Maple - you use water, soap and even lighter fluid. can see the dirt more.

They are definitely cleaned differently. For example you would never use water on a Rosewood or like fretboard.