This is probably my favorite Swingin Utters song so do to my lack of band I thought I'd do an acoustic cover of it. Besides I havent put anything up in while so here's my newest cover. I've also been working on an instrumental but I'm waiting for my Pod X3 to get here for that one. Now back on topic Crit for Crit the songs in my profile let me know what you think vocally and instrumentally. Ways to improve are always welcome aswell. thanks
Nice, I esp. like the guitar! but maybe try placing the mic a bit closer to your mouth? the lyrics aren't very clear because they're too soft...I'm sure it'll sound even better!

could you check out mine
and comment/critisize as well? thanks!
Anyone play gunbound? then add johnny93

....you must tap into: THE FORCE!
....or: THE FORCE! will leave you
....then, you will no longer have: THE FORCE!
Hey man thanks for the kind words, i hate to say i've not heard this before, but my first thoughts were just as mentioned previous to me, would have been great to have more volume from your vocals - which sound fairly solid. Maybe rerecord? Great playing also btw, great to hear an acoustic solo!
nice guitar...is this a duet? cause it sounds like there are two guitars in it or is it just backing track? nice voice too
Quote by lunahunterz
nice guitar...is this a duet? cause it sounds like there are two guitars in it or is it just backing track? nice voice too

No, Theres only one guitar in it except for the 2 short solos. Where I just recorded over the rythme guitar. thanks
Critting you back. Same as the others, your voice is a little hard to hear. But its good, it seems like your holding back or cutting part of your words of to sing it or something. But i've never heard the original, so I don't know what your playing exactly. The solos are ripping, not too complicated but still better than anything I could do. Wish I could.

GJ 8.575/10
Your voice is a bit difficult to hear, but you can tell it's in tune and keeping with the music, which is really all you need (well...unless the song is actually saying something important). Sounds like a cheap setup, sort of a similar recording quality to mine haha. Check out my song when you get the chance:

They say the old woman's got the wisdom
'Cause she couldn't read the clock anymore
She said "The numbers don't represent the moments"
Says she don't see what all the ticking's for