I've been playing for a few month now and it's getting diffcult. What i mean is how should ig about practicing should i study scales and Modes or learn chords and power chords or should i just learn songs that i like. Just give me examples of what you did when you started.
Learn songs you like that are above your skill so you challenge youself.
Learn basic theory, and then go to step two. step three etc. Circle of fifths, keys, major and minor scales and chords.

That's my advice, anyways.
I'd say learn songs you like (the techniques developed will help you later) and chords and then maybe you could introduce some theory but I didn't.
learn chords and power chords
Power chords are a 5-minute job tbh. Also, how can you play for several months without using a single chord?

Myself, I started off just pissing around for a few weeks during the summer holiday, then put it down pretty much for 6 months. When I picked it back up, I started with power chords, double stops (naming?), and those chords where you play a note and an octave above that; eg:

E 3------
B -3-----
G 0-2----
D -0-2---
A --0----
e ---0---

PS: Is there a name for these? ^^
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Give me a website where i can get a Chord and power chord chart

just learn how to make the chords then do it yourself

powerchords just play a note and on the next string 2 frets up play a note and thats your basic fifth powerchord, now go learn some theory man and dont bother with charts theyre not gonna help you in the long run
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Give me a website where i can get a Chord and power chord chart

Please maybe?
for starters, just learn songs you like, improve your techniques then go onto theory etc.
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