As you know the standard series offer the choice of a 50s or 60s neck
I will get round to trying these at one point, but i was wondering which is most like a strat neck, as ive grown comfortable with a strat neck, thanks
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gibson or epi?
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Well, neither of them are much like a strat neck, but supposedly the 50's one is fatter, and the 60's one is thinner.

They will still feel quite different to a strat. They're both chunkier, and because of the binding, it'll have a square edge down the side of the fretboard, rather than the more rounded and filed-down edge of a strat. It's also a shorter scale length, so the frets are a bit closer together.

It's not bad, it's just that it might take a bit of time to get used to.

I say 60's neck, but it won't be close to a strat.
do you plan on playing shows. They're very heavy. But other than that all les pauls have great tone and sustain.
yeh i'll be gigging with it, and the heavyness is all worth it isnt it? sure i'll adjust fine, i only hoped i wouldnt need to lol, thanks
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The 60's neck is thinner so I it would resemble the strat neck more than the 50's.
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well i mean yea it takes some getting use to but if you can manage then id go for it because there great.. i just like to move around alot when i play shows so i use light guitars like s-gs..
The 60's is more like a Strat neck from my experience but depending on what styles of music you play you might be better off with the 50s neck anyway.
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the 50's is closer to a V strat(larger) neck and the 60's is closer to a C strat (thinner) neck

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