a candle sways
on a tender Summer night.
flickering upon the green backdrop and
like a crowded evening in New York.
around the edge is darkness,
veering onto the shadow of the flame.

the TV screen flashes in the dim room.
walls painted such a distinct
vermilion that resembles a
killer scene.
constant showings are plagues with cheap b-movies
and forced-out reality series.

girl sits in the corner
playing piano
and reciting scales top to bottom.
her conscious is leaning to the left,
purposely tempting her mind to replay
a boisterous melody that left them bathing in the
right morning sun.

revised piece i wrote last year, probably the only good thing i wrote when i started writing. give me some opinions.
"i'd give my soul to be where i was a year ago... if i had a soul left to give"