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When I was young, maybe between the ages of 5 and 10, I hated making the slightest changes. It could have been something insignificant, like moving the table to another place in my room, or putting up a poster or something.

Even when I recieved something new, as a gift, at first I was happy, until I realised that it would somehow make my life different to the way it was before I had it. It could have been completely insignificant, but somehow, it always made me sad. I have no idea why.

I've overcome it by now (well, almost...) and it seems really strange now that I look back at it.

Was anyone else like this at a young age? Perhaps some still are?
Ya, I was like that too. After a while though, you realize that life goes on and is sometimes better after changes, so it's easier.
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iam still like that....my family used to be so huge and everyone would gather,have sunday lunches etc but now its all disappeared and everyones scattered around the world and sometimes,on the rare occasion,when they are together i just sit and watch them happily,not talk.

i hate change,so i try and stop it all the time...like i never want to grow up..im 17 now and i just want to be 15 again ..and 15 seems just like yesterday. i hope you get what im tryign to say cause i hate explaining myself
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Yeah. I didn't like throwing things out, in case I might need them or want them someday. Actually, I still do it a bit now.
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