I like to write and I am just looking for some input on my writing anything will do thanks a bunch!

Song i wrote this weekend
Current mood: hopeful
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Doctor Doctor tell me

you've got the cure I that need

something for the sunken ships I've passed and the broken glass i've trecked through on my way. Give me something for my sorrows. If you only had the time that I could borrow. I'd spend it like I always do.

If only you could see what your drugs they do to me.

Catch me if you believe, I'm about to run into the sea.

If you think your what I need. Highly mistaken sweetie you would be.

You're the cause to this disease.
I can feel my blood rushing to my head. My fingers cold and dead, my body temperature dropping my heart racing. None of this can replace the hole of what used to be my heart. A gaping hole, it seems to be you may never realize what you mean to me. Sometimes thinking about you makes my skin crawl or it makes me weak at the knees. Either way this razor holds your name and in quotation marks it says " always and forever love me." Blood drips from my veins and falls in place. Time stands frail and still all this time I want you to know I did this for you. My skins getting cold do you feel for me? I did this for you to prove my love was true. Red, black , and blue, bruised bloody and tattered all for you.

I can't sleep tonight wondering if you're ok. But heaven says your OK. I'll never know. The hardest thing is still to come in the near future. I took it in the heart when you didn't take to heart the fact that I cared. I won't last another day, without you. Yea you know it's true. So while you sit around and contemplate what I just said, I'll put my finger on the trigger and that gun to my head. Would you whatch me or break my fall. And that shows how much you truely care. I hope you are aware of what you did to me and yes the decision is yours. So pull the trigger babe I promise you'll never sleep the same....
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Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.