Yeah I need a new signature, my current one is crap. What say you, Pit?
Black then white are all I see,
in my infancy, red and yellow then came to be.
a quote about you, i'll give you one if you want:

<SpaceTime> you sexilicious piece of man candy!
"You're a twat!"- That dude in morrisons

"You Ugly git!" - That girl in the restaurant

"You Were a Mistake!" - Mum

just a few of my fans..

70% of UG'ers have a message like this in their sig. Put this in your sig if you don't give a damn about whether or not you like rap.

Try that.
Fuck sig quotes.

I play by my own rules. And I have one rule; There are no rules... but if there are, they're there to be broken. Even this one.

Confused? Good.

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Sigs are wastes of my precious screen space.

^ Irony

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sig this just 'coz you couldn't think of anything to sig and this might turn your brain upsidedown causing you to force yourself into a vicious circle of chains of thoughts that go around and around and around.....
just sig this
Your dreams are all out of focus;
Knock you up when you're feeling down.
And all the world feels so unreal...

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Hitler was really smart and could have been a good leader but he was kind of a douche to the Jews.