I'm currently refinishing my old Squier Strat and have a question.

I've read Melvyn Hiscock's excellent Make Your Own Electrict Guitar, and in it it says that when finishing in a solid color (ie. non-metallic) it is possible to buff and polish the paint to a shine instead of putting lacquer on.

My question is how durable is the paint compared to a lacquered finish? I'm using automotive rattle cans (Ford Riviera Blue)

Thanks in advance for your answers.
Well with the paint, I would suggest putting some sort of clear coat over it. That will protect the paint. My guess is that both will stand out well for a while, only if you keep your gear ship shape though.

Use a polyurethane finish like most companies do and it'll be hard and shiny. Laquer looks great but will not be as hard.
Moving on.....