Hey, first time using the midi stuff on garageband, cant get enough of this song of late, thought i'd give it a go. Granted there's no guitar in it, but you're pretty kind people right? Hope you enjoy!

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I thought that was really good man, you have a great voice. I really like it sounds sorta like Johhny Depp in Sweeny Todd to me. Keep it up man 5 stars from me.....

crit mine?

god i thought exactly the same thing, not sure if i'm keen on sounding like a musical singer
hey there nice work on this song my favourite beatles song by far, the parts where the high notes are it seems like the notes were cut short i dunno if its because you struggle to reach that high register or if it was a choice but i felt like it needed to be extended, there were a lot of plosives present, what mic were you recording with? pop shields are worth their weight in gold vocally nice work, you have a good ear for tone and you didnt get any bum notes, one con though was that i could hear all the breathing before you started a new line, i dont know whether it was just because you cranked the line level of the mic to get the quiet parts to stand out in the mix but a little work with a compressor will work wonders on that and help it sit better in the mix the midi work was very good, i was gonna ask you where you got the backing track until i read you did it in garage band, half tempted to ask for it so i can give the vox a shot myself :P overall very good cover sorry bout the wall of text
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god i thought exactly the same thing, not sure if i'm keen on sounding like a musical singer

Haha, I think its pretty cool man....Something that separtes you from the crowd, If I remmeber correctly Depp was in a rock band before he made it big as an actor.
your voice is excellent man, very mature, pitch was great too, i love your voice, hahhaa

the harmonies in the beginning are great

and midi playing?/programming? is great

great cover man, thoroughly enjoyed

ps, love the kooks cover, they're such a great band
Wow! I love your voice. Great old song. I wish i could sing like you. Cover more old songs. I would love to hear you sing yesterday.

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great control of your voice man. the song missing the backing vocals towards the end with "ooooh, look at all the lonely people" but I filled in for you in that section you lazy bastard.

I listed to unintended also, the vocal track needs a lot more compression applied to it. your falsetto sounds a bit held back, your vocal placement tends to slip back a few times in your chest voice. it also sounds like you strain a few bits, it sounds to me like you're belting in some sections in the chorus, perhaps going into your headvoice will tidy up your tone.