My neighbor, who has an extensive collection of guitars, gave me this acoustic-electric guitar. It has a big ol' sticker that says "Carlos" in it. I'd never heard much about the brand in terms of electric stuff, although I was familiar with a little acoustic stuff of theirs. This may be an incredibly noobish (?) question, but could this thing be worth something?
You can't spell manslaughter without laughter!
It's everywhere where I live. I noticed it isn't very known in other places. Where do you live dude?
I'm pretty sure it didn't belong to Santana.

I live in Maryland.
You can't spell manslaughter without laughter!
They're pretty abundant here in the UAE. I played lots of them, and some of thier acoustic-electrics sound really good.
Yeh my friend got a Carlos JEM copy and it the biggest piece of **** I ever did play...

not really but it was pretty bad
Most likely, an instrument by a (virtually) unknown guitar brand will command a price to match. That said, if its fun to play, you just scored a cool guitar. Nicely done.

Also, no need to worry about flaming in the acoustic forum. We're a big bunch of hippies and old white guys who play lots of John Denver.
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