ive been really applyin myself to tryin to learn theory and i must say it feels great o finally understand what the hell people are talking about when they say stuff like F#major or D minor etc.......

but there something thats not clicking but i cant exactly put my finger on it yet

even though i know more now than i did before

i know how to construct a major scale
" " a minor scale

(and by the way there are diagrams of scales in every key already so knowing this helps me in what way exactly ?)

i know the key calculation method
" "circle of fifths
"chord progressions
" "phrases and cadence
" "intervals
" "chord voicings

havent memorized all notes on the neck yet

but is there anything else i need to pick up on ?
You should have memorized the notes on the neck first. makes everything else a breeze, especially theory. DO IT NOW!
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