So I took the plunge and began reading the Theory link in BGC's sig, slowly mind you, I'm even writing things down and studying them on my lunch break at work. Thanks to this I've learned about Root/Unison, Perfect/Diminished/Augmented, etc. So now I guess my first question arises, and it may be a very simple one but I just want to make sure.

The example in the link is in the key of C, if I wanted to transcribe it for say, the key of G, do I follow the exact same pattern? So would it be...

Root : G
Minor Second: Ab
Major Second: A
Sharp Second: A#
Minor Third: Bb
Major Third: B
Perfect Fourth: C
Augmented Fourth: C#
Diminished Fifth: Db
Perfect Fifth: D
Augmented Fifth: D#
Minor Sixth: Eb
Major Sixth: E
Sharp Sixth: F
Diminished Seventh: E
Minor Seventh: F
Major Seventh: F#
Unison: G
Minor Ninth: Ab
Major Ninth: A
Sharp Ninth: A#

*crosses fingers and hopes for the best*

That naming system happens to cover all 11 other notes in the chromatic scale in relation to the root, so you can just slide everything up the chromatic scale to fit your root.
what are you asking?

just move everything up a P5 or down a P4. your question is pretty easy if that is all you are asking.
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Which is why I pointed out that it may be an easy question, I was just asking for clarification.

Johnljones, I wasn't sure about what to use when I was writing that, but I understand now why what I wrote was incorrect, thankyou.