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I'm always raving about them so I figured I'd go one step further and write up an AOTM article for them to try and convert some of you..

Blues AOTM - Collard Greens And Gravy (Self-titled)

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Collard Greens And Gravy is:

Ian Collard - Vocals, Harp, Guitar sometimes. He also writes most of their lyrics.
'Shorty' - Drums/Percussion (check out his kit on the youtube video, very unique)
James Bridges - Guitar.

The band are from Melbourne, Australia and are one of the most respected blues bands in Australia. Their sound is pretty unique and takes most of it's leads from the early delta and swamp blues. Very rhythmic based, great slide guitar and the harp is to die for. Ian Collard has been the Australian harmonica champion and is easily my favourite blues harp player.

I chose this album because CG&G are one of my favourite bands, who I think should be far more well-known, and it was their first album and is rawer than some of their newer stuff (though their brand new album 'Devil in the Woodpile' goes back to this kinda sound with more harp and less guitar). This album really shows how well these 3 guys play together and how good they are at their respective instruments.

I'm not gonna list all the tracks, just a few standouts.

St. James Infirmary.
Definitely the best song on the album, an amazing display of what Ian can really do with his harmonica. A different take on the song than you'd be used to. No trumpet here but still oozing emotion and raw talent.

Out In The Desert.
Another great harp driven song with some tasty slide playing. Impossible to listen to without tapping your foot along to the thumping beat. Has a nice little drum solo and picks up the tempo near the end for a big finish. Check out this Live video from youtube:

You Got My Mind Messed Up
Nice slower song with a great groove and some amazing hooks. Great lyrics on this song "All I wanna do is drown myself in the perfume that you wear".. Can't beat the blues when it's about a woman. Even more amazing harp playing on this song aswell.

Collard Greens And Gravy are a perfect modern take on the early delta blues; Great musicianship and songwriting/covers but still authentic and emotional and not gimmicky or borrowing too heavily from those guys. All these elements combine perfectly on this album to give them a unique and catchy sound.

This album is just one of those desert island albums you can listen to over and over and over again without ever getting bored. It's perfectly proportioned and has a very 'complete' sound. Nothing is ever repetetive or played out. They know their strengths and play perfectly together to make this album a great overall experience.

Their website is:

There's a link where you can buy their albums, all 4 are worth EVERY PENNY, so I recommend buying at least this one if you can afford it, then you'll have a great album AND you'll be supporting a great independant blues band. Which is always a good thing to do.
(To make it clear I'm not affiliated with them in any way, not trying to make myself money, just a huge fan!)
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sweet, I'll check them out and tell you what I think
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Like this a lot.
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