so i have a relatively new (like, one year old) boss equalizer pedal that i use for boosting solos and whatnot. and recently, it's developed this thing that it does where the sound basically cuts out when i switch it on. all i can get out of it is this really quiet but distorted buzz (unless the level slider is at +15; then i get a loud distorted buzz). but i play on a bunch of different amps and it only seems to do this on certain ones. like, it works fine on my 50 watt marshall that i use for practice but i couldn't get anything out of it on the 100 watt one i used at a gig the other night.

i realize this is pretty vague but, any ideas? could it be the amps? dirty connections? etc., etc., etc.,....
If you use the amp's distortion, do you use it in the effects loop? If not, that could be an issue.

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nope, i usually only use the clean channel. i'm not quite sure what the "effects loop" is but i'm pretty sure i don't use it...