for me it would be the cables.

and one other thing wtf's up with almost every metal guitar only coming in black jackson etc.
the cable, mine just broke, and the strap, cant play outside the bed room without it!
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The cable most definately, when one of mine breaks im always pissed.
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I'd have to say either a string-winder, or a case.
Cables are very underrated, too.
string winders are really useful, but its not like u cant do without one. i'd say cables and picks, once i ran out of good picks and my cable broke and my mom didnt have enough time to drive me to GC

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Yeah cable. btw where can you buy new cable ends? mine just broke, but I can solder a new one on.
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Yeah cable. btw where can you buy new cable ends? mine just broke, but I can solder a new one on.

You are better off getting a new cable, unless it was really expensive!
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straps. at every gig i've been to where there's a bunch of bands playing, there's always someone looking to borrow a strap.

that and cables.
I'd say string clippers--my planet waves winder has a wirecutter on it already.

Also, tuners--tuning by ear is a very important skill, but it annoys the hell out of the crowd. Get a tuner.
i'd say straps........no one really mentions em much but then again one can't couldn't perform without one.......imagine sitting on a chair on a stage while playing metal!
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Straplockers also maybe. For electric guitars you don`t need a strign winder, you don`t have wind that much.

sure you do...makes changing strings 100 times easier and faster

the planet waves multi tool is awesome...just bought mine and made changing strings a breeze
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A good cable.
I've been cheaping out on cables ever since I started playing electric, but I finally picked up a dimarzio today and it gives my tone a bit more punch and life. It's built really well too.

and straps, it's hard to play live without a strap.
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i spent a couple years re-stringing completely by hand and after getting a peg winder i was like ' holy sh*T!!! it's sooo much easier!'

i'd say cable and strap for sure.
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the string winder with the string cutter at the end!! ingenious
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Plectrum? Unless you're Jeff Beck. Amazing how much we rely on those little pieces of plastic.
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Guitar stand and case. Try gigging without a stand. Also, a simple rag for wiping down guitar after use (helps strings and finish last longer.
Probably the cable... or a stand. It's damn hard playing a gig without a stand, and dangerous, too.
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