so we all know that some les paul copies have hollow chambers...can you fill the chambers with expandable foam to create essentially a solid body guitar?

would it add to the overall sustain of the guitar?

i have a jay turser copy that i really love, when i play live and it gets loud i get feed-back...my other guitars are fine at the same volume but are also solid bodies...

this is why i ask...
pot your pups
get a feedback destroyer
EQ your stuff accordingly
but dont fill in a hollow

id never even thought of something so drastic and mean to a guitar
Its part of hollow bodies, the feedback. Kind of pointless to buy a hollow body to then fill it in so its not hollow. Foam may help with the feedback. But as its used as an insulator and soundproofing it would not give more sustain. Just need to adjust your gear when using the hollow body.
tis what i said...its not a hollow body guitar...its a les paul copy...with the air chambers in it...figured i would take the hardware out and drill holes into the chambers and fill them...or, just drill through the back of the guitar...
Your gonna end up drilling alot of holes to find the chambers. If it has any not all LPs are done this way. They did the gibsons to cut down on the weight of the mahogany. I saw some of the turser LPs were alder they dont need chambering. And even then those small chambers arent going to make a guitar feedback that much.