i am currently undergoing the process of redoing an old strat knockoff. anyways i was looking for a decent set of pickups and i came across these lace pickups. anyone used them before. quality. etc?


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never used them but I've heard them. Amazing pickups, different sets for different sounds can mix and match etc.

Jonny Greenwood uses two red lace sensors wound together to make a humbucker in his bridge position, and almost always plays in his bridge position. Thats the only famous person I know uses them.

Check this out:
great quality, but the sound may not be your thing, I think Eric Clapton used them at one point (I know they where on his high end signature model strat) but yeah there are a bunch of different types with very different sounds, I suggest trying them out first if you can.
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I would go for the gold. I've tried them, and they can go from glassy cleans to Maybe Thrash metal. But The Red ones have higher output.
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