Hi how do we play the F#m and Bm ????? .

I really cant get how to place my fingers properly .
welll there both barre chords at the 2nd fret if that helps any so barre the 2nd fret with your index finger then place your hand like a power chord on the a and d string to get f#m and to get bm just take that shape down to the d and g string and put your middle finger on the 3 fret of the b string if that makes any sense at all
they're both barre chords.
F#m is barred at the second fret with your index finger laid across all 6 strings and your ring and pinky fingers in the Em shape relative to the barre.
Bm is also barred at the second fret but instead of the Em shape with just two fingers you use all three remaining fingers to make the Am shape relative to the barre.
Hope that's helpful.

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Thank you very much MoshPitRock, PrincessJoe, and trojanfan12 you all were really helpful.
I think I got how to play it now .
i find it easier to place the pinky and ring finger down first,, then barre with my index finger