Alright... I play blues and light rock.

I have my used 2002 Fender MIM Stratocaster HSS - Stock Parts

I have a (White) SSS Pickguard on hand...

So here is my changes I am going to do:

1. Fender Noiseless Pickups w/ the pots that come with them. (White)

2. Fender Schaller Locking Tuners

3. Fender LSR Roller Nut

4. Fender American Series Bridge Sections

5. DiMarzio 5 Way Selector Switch (White)

6. New Knobs (White)

7. New Jack Plate

8. New Tremelo Arm (White)

Total Cost - $298.43

Any Questions, Comments, Concerns, or Advice?

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Everything sounds good except for the Toneless....oh sorry, Noiseless pups you want to put in. Not a good move IMO, get a set of Tex Mex.
Also, do you really need a new jack plate etc? Might be a way of cutting down the cost
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Point taken on the pick ups... It was between them and the Texas Specials...

I'll look for in depth into the TS's...


As for the the extra parts... it was a used guitar, it still sounds wonderful... but the tremelo arm on it is a little bent... and the jack plate is too... So... while it is getting set up i am just going to put some new stuff on there make it shine like new...
Quote by CrackerJack465
Amps dont matter.
sounds awesome man, post pics?

and ya agreed with the guy above about the ts's.
the nut slot will need to be widened for the LSR nut.
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I agree, Noiseless are a bad choice. They're essentially stacked humbucker coils, don't sound like real single coils to me.

I'm going to veto the Tex Mex or whatever, and nominate a set of pickups from rockmonkeyguitars.com. Best single coils I've played. True vintage construction, too, if you want it.
Plus, there's a 10% discount for UGers.
Sounds good, although I agree with the above posters about the pickups. That's what I've heard as well.

Please keep us posted. Maybe some pics of the process?