I had a weird dream last night. Randomly, I was in a room with some guy who was smoking what I believe was meth in a pipe. I don't know if you can get contact high off of that stuff like weed, but it started ****ing with my vision, and I actually felt like I was high. It was weird. But then the rest of my dream ended up being this fuse of Jason Voorhees/Michael Myers who went around killing everybody.

Michael Myers went to a nursing home and started killing people. For some reason, he didn't want to kill this blind old lady, but when she felt him, he just stabbed her and went on a killing spree.

And then it switched randomly again to Jason Voorhees standing in the street in front of this car. He cuts this one dude's head off, and blood is squirting like crazy everywhere. The other dude gets out of the car to run off, but Jason throws a machete and owns this dude.

So...what about your dreams, Pit?

P.S.: Very random, but my goal in life, not just on guitar, is to learn "Altitudes" by Jason Becker.
that... wasn't a dream was it? it was just a rampage when you were high.

I dreamed that I had to save a midget from falling off a tree branch into a swimming pool
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become a circumsizer, you get like £60,000 a year + tips.

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Oh yeah. I remembered the other dream I had.

It was this concert, and I kind of wished it happened in real life.

It was Pantera, Slayer, Hatebreed, Metallica, and...

Fallout Boy.

WTF? I don't even listen to them. It was so damn weird. And when Metallica played, Kirk Hammett was having sex with this girl onstage. It was insane.
I dreamt my girlfriend's mum was chasing Stevie Wonder around a windy country lane on an unicycle. That was weird.
Once I was being chased around my house in the nude by a horde of bees. I decided to hide in a hamper so they wouldn't sting me, but they found me and stung my bum.
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Well... not exactly like that...

But add that to my, "movies I'll write down so I'll remember to rent them but I don't go out to rent movies" list.

it's a fairly good film, really surreal at times though
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become a circumsizer, you get like £60,000 a year + tips.

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Because I'm not aerodynamic. All the other airborne furniture laugh at me.

what were you smokin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I once saw two snails fuck. It was pretty damn cool.
I had dream relevant to this thread.

But I've forgotten it.
Sunn O))):
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I had a dream a couple of months ago where my mom, my sister, and I were grocery shopping, and we went to go check out. The cashier, a large black lady, said to my mom, "I'm gonna need some ID." My mom, realizing that she had purchased neither alcohol nor tobacco, refused to give the cashier her driver's license. So, the cashier replied, "And that is why you can never appear on the runway." My mom gives her a look of utter confusion, and the cashier says, "Go!" She then calls security, which causes the whole store to erupt in flashing red lights and sirens. We all run out of the store, and into the parking lot. When we get to my mom's car, we see that two of her cars are, in fact, there: her old Oldsmobile minivan, and her new Toyota RAV4. We go into the minivan, with my mom explaining, "In life, you have to decide whether you want to escape in style, or live." And then it ended.
I was at a convenience store and there was a guy on cruches who kept on trying to enter the store. But a large fat guy who looked like colonel sanders wouldn't let him in because he was crippled. Then, once i was in the store i went to an aisle where they were selling bongo drums, so i hit one. the sound of the bongo drum rang out in the store for the next 5 minutes while i picked up my other stuff. When i got to the register the guy asked me if i had hit the drum, i responded yes, but i didn't know that it would keep sounding. He rang up my items, annoyed, and charged me 20 dollars and 14 cents for something that was worth maybe 5 bucks. I got into an argument saying that i only had a 20 and that he overcharged me, but he didn't lower the price just made it higher. After another round of arguing he charged me 17 dollars and took my money, so I left. I woke up after that, then realized the drum sound was the garbage man parked outside my house.
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Last night I dreamt that I verbally abused my mother to tears.




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I dreamt that I was at my house with my friend, and we started hearing weird noises. We thought someone had broken in, so we went downstairs and we found this bald guy with huge legs (like frog legs almost) walking around in my house. We started to yell at him to get out, but he jumped over us and ran upstairs.

My friend told me that the guy who broke in was paralyzed, which didn't make any sense since we saw him running. He also said that he could stick to walls and stuff, and he could fall from high places without being hurt.

We went upstairs and found him in the hall and we started to fight him. He called time out because he had to go to the bathroom, so we let him go into the bathroom. We waited for him for a long time, but he never came out, so we checked inside the bathroom to see if he was still there. He was gone.

We decided that he was hiding in either my room or my parents room. We got some broomsticks as weapons, and we went into my parents room, where we found him looking through my parents dresser. We attacked him, and hit him on the head with our broomsticks, but somehow he escaped by jumping out the window. Then I woke up.
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I had a weird dream last night. Randomly, I was in a room with some guy who was smoking what I believe was meth in a pipe.

It was a dream. It wasn't real. Therefore, you don't say "What I believe". You made it up. It was whatever you thought it was.
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I had a dream when I was about 6 years old and to this day I remember it as if it happend yesterday

I was walking around the shops with my mum and she tells me to stay where I am so she can go get somthing, so I wait and then she comes back out a shop and we walk to the car.
Then im sitting in the car waiting and I see my mum crying and screaming to get out of the car. And the person who I thought was my mum (clone lol) turn around and gave me the evilest look I have ever seen and the car spead off, and in the distance I can see my mum crying and trying to catch us.
Then I woke up and cried my 6 year old heart out

and that was 13 years ago and its still crystal clear in my mind

Anyone care to interprate wtf that was all about xD
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I once dreamt i was rubbong vegtable oil into a naked womans legs and other.... parts. But it was pnly below the waist. No boobies, no face, just legs and... well you know.

That was a strange dream...... but i liked it.