hey all i want to do my first mod, it will be a zakk wylde bullseye mod , however I have a few questions maybe someone could answer?

The guitar is already the base colour I want, do I just sand down the parts that will be painted, or just paint straight over the top,

If i do need to sand what should I use? (i have no idea)

Once ive finished painting what should I use to clear coat?

Thanks for all answers in advance!
sand through the clear coat to the base coat, preferably only in the area youll be painting (i.e. not the whole body). paint your bullseye and then resand the area smooth and even, with your design in tact. Then apply a top coat. Look for instructions on what to use and all of that jazz on reranch or google.

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hey thanks for all your suggestions, I think ill go with vampwizard, thanks,

p.s decals take all the fun out of modding your guitar